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"Just in the United States buildings annually consume more than 30% of the total energy and more than 60% of the electricity used. Each day 5 billion gallons of potable water are used to flush toilets. A typical commercial construction project generates 2.5 pounds of solid waste per square foot.

The LEED program (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) represents the efforts of a coalition including the US Green Building Council (USGBC) to establish a standard for constructing so-called “green” buildings. Obtaining LEED certification requires compliance with a minimum number of criteria affecting many aspects of the project, from site selection, efficiency in the use of water and electricity to recycled content of building materials.

Green building substantially reduces the negative environmental impacts, reduce operating costs, enhance marketability, increase worker productivity and improve indoor air quality. It is a strategy for enhancing asset value. We are strong advocates of these principles and through local resources and alliances with international experts we can provide Design Assessments and LEED Certifications. We can work closely with the client, from project planning through completion to assure the solicited environmental objectives and energy efficiency are incorporated into and properly documented for the project."

Alexander Rojo, LEED AP

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